Voice Notification for Contact & Phone Presence Sensors

I have submitted a request for SmartApp publication about 3 days ago and i still do not see any progress, how long normally is the approval process?

The SmartApp that i personaly been using and i want to share to other SmartThings users is called EyXAr Notification.

Enable SmartThings the capability to add voice notifications to your Phones or Tablet anywhere in conjuction with For ST app. Currently can be configured for contact sensors (i.e. Doors, Windows and Garage Doors), as well as the presence sensor of phones arriving and leaving the house.

For ST app, it is now uploaded in Google Play Store for Beta Testing.
Use this link for testing the app For ST:

Please let me know. TY

Months. I’ve got one untouched for 4 months and I know there are others out there that have been sitting even longer.

Wow, SmartThings should find ways to automate the publication process or else it will only hider the development & innovation growth.

Thanks for the feedback Brian.

Sounds like an interesting project! Out of curiosity, how is this different than LANnouncer by @NWTony? Similarly, I’ve seen several SharpTools users who are doing something similar with Tasker to create an announcer with their phones/tablets.

Very good question.

Not familiar with LAN announcer but when i checked it looks like you still have to configure that app while with the use of Sharptool and Tasker you can do pretty much everything but will still require someone with basic scripting skills.

My project is designed around for average person and folks that are too busy to learn scripts and new tools, so that even my 7 year old daughter can install and configure it.