Contact sensor OPEN = Siren on ---and--- CLOSED = Siren off [ please help :-/ ]

Hi I’ve been looking for hours and can’t find a SmartApp that will perform what I think is probably a simple task. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about programing. So I’m stuck and was hoping for some kindness…

Here’s my situation:

I have a SmartThings Smart Sensor and I have a Aeotech Siren (Gen 5). Both these things have been successfully added to my SmartThings universe.

I’m trying to make a simple handheld “panic” device out of my SmartThings Smart Sensor. I want it to simply work like this:

Open the contact sensor (pull the magnets apart) and the siren goes on.

Close the contact sensor (re-join the magnets and the siren turns off.

It’d be nice to send SMS and Push messages too but I’m getting desperate.

Does anyone know of a SmartApp that will allow me to do this??
So far I’ve only found a SmartApp that will sound the alarm when the contacts are open but won’t turn the alarm off when I close them.

Many thanks for help and time,
Rob Combs

Hi Rob,

I’m assuming the siren is using ST’s default device handler, right? If so, the siren has switch capabilities, and that means you have a few options to choose from.

If you’re using the ST Classic app, you can create a Smart Lighting automation. Pick your siren you want to control, and the trigger would be an open/close sensor. “Turn on when” should be set to opened, and the option to turn off when closed should be enabled. You can’t send SMS/TXT messages with this though.

Also within the Classic app, you can create 2 Custom Rules within Smart Home Monitor. One rule will turn on the siren when a contact sensor is opened, and the other rule would turn it off when the contact sensor closes. This option will allow you to get SMS/TXT/Push messages.

I’m not sure how you can do the same in the new SmartThings app, but I’ll look in a few minutes and edit my post later. Right now the new app crashes on me, and I can’t do much in it right now. Smart Lighting is in the new SmartThings app, and I believe you can do it there too, but without the SMS/TXT notifications.

EDIT. Small miracle just happened. The new app stayed up long enough for me to capture a screenshot setting up a new smart lighting automation and the settings you’d need: (these are the same in the Classic app)

EDIT. The new app’s “+ Custom automation” (via Add automation) option only works to turn on the siren, so you’d need to create 2 automations. One to to turn on and one to turn off, but there’s not SMS/TXT option.


Thank you sooooo much! I’ll try this out.

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