New app and multiple locations... is it possible?

@Brad_ST I’m having this issue as well - ticket 879737. Can you have a look? I have a location named “Delete Me” which in the app still lists the hub and one switch, and another location named “Home 1” that has all my other devices. Obviously I’d like the hub and one device pushed to “Home 1” and “Delete Me” deleted. I posted here following the specific directions at the end of this post:

Do you see the Delete Me location in the app? Are you able to delete it there?

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@Brad_ST woah I didn’t even know you could delete locations in the app. It worked, but now my hub (which was one of 2 devices on that other location) is now showing offline in the app. However it seems to be functioning normally otherwise. Is there anything I should be concerned about with respect to that?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Nevermind, rebooting the hub seems to have fixed that. I’m good now. Thanks!

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