New Android App Issues/Bugs

Anyone else seeing this possible bug with the last device listed on the screen when you shake it for more info? No matter what device I put last, I never get a title? Also would be nice if the titles stay up more than a sec or two…

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I can’t repro that last tile bug. But there is another helpful bug to mitigate that annoying too short tile title 2 second timeout. Shake to bring up tile titles, quickly click on settings of a tile, wait in that tile settings view for for 3 or more seconds, then back out with back button. Your tile titles will now be stuck displayed until you back out of that group view.

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Wondering if it’s model specific, anyone else on a Samsung Galaxy S4 seeing this last icon issue? Also on ver 1.6.9 of App…

Yep, got that one too, also check my last icon, looks diff that the rest… That’s two similar display bugs, any more…

my Galaxy s4 1.6.9 and htc one both have that bug. I think this is maybe my third times using this shake option.

I have the same issue on my Nexus 5 on Kitkat

Same issue on a Verizon Galaxy S5 / Lollipop / 1.6.9. And I had no idea this feature existed - I’ll be using it a lot.

I also have an issue where the app seems slower than normal, and the Dashboard seems really slow to load the house picture.

Whenever I go the the Dashboard, I see a black frame where the house pic should be, with the loading circle spinning, then the house pic updates, Then it goes black again, and then it updates again, sometimes three or more times before it stabilizes.

This seem to happen every time the Dashboard screen is shown.

Same issue here. Also I have a customized device tile for my thermostat which uses a Standard Tile to write text. These tiles overlay the text that I write with the name so it is unreadable.

I HATE shaking the phone anyway…There are a few threads complaining about that already.

Same here. Anybody contact Support@ yet? …
… or let’s just ping @April on this Topic now.

Doesn’t seem like a critical issue, but needs to be logged. Thanks.

This is a known android bug. We are evaluating the future this feature before allocating resources into fixing it.

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My opinion, if you are going to provide new interface which makes it easier to identify tiles then do that first.

However if this feature is going to take significant time to implement then don’t leave the customers confused as to why their device is acting weird. This issue took me some significant time to prove to myself it wasn’t something I was doing wrong. Then I went to the community to find a post about this from July 2014. That’s 7 months with no resolution as of yet.

I feel you. I just read that thread today too. I reached out to the team about this.

SmartThings is always going to have a list of bugs (and planned features) that must be prioritized for upcoming releases. Some will get pushed off for many releases, I suppose.

It would be help, to me anyway, if all the Known Issues (and resolution plans) were published, please?, so we could at least see at a glance that there’s no need to open a ticket or discuss on the Forum.

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To be honest, this seems like a simple one liner error in the code, 7 months and serveral platform updates later and no fix?

Either turn the timer up or force us to reshape to return it to prior view, maybe just a small button to view vs shaking.

Fully agreed, there should be a runnung log in some known place like this link but maybe a section for each unit… /android and /iphone /v1 and /v2…

Also never seen updates fixed/released without release notes…

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We’re starting to do that Jimmay :

:smiley: on the upper right, for the tracking status, you can get notified whenever we post a new one!

Confirmed, yes I have that problem too.

Two new issues with the latest Android update:

1.) Bad display of things page, looks like no icons…

2.) Red message error while setting up a ZWN-SC7…

Edited 4/10/15 - Red error message no longer appears, but the ZWN still only processes Button 1 presses.

I am seeing a bug since the last update when trying to add devices to the “Lights & Switches” section. The devices, in this case a GE outlet and a GE Link Bulb, are added as “Things” with no issue. When I try to “Auto import existing switch devices” to get them to display in my list of “Lights & Switches,” I get a red “An unexpected error has occurred” after I select the list of switches to import and click the “Next” button.

BTW, this error occurs when trying to add either item individually as well. The GE Link Bulb has previously been included in my setup under a different name, but the GE outlet was a brand new device.

Any ideas?

My red error issue cleared itself in a few days, so???

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