New and looking for a hand

I picked up a SmartThings cube after looking around here and seeing that - possibly, with some effort, I could integrate several of my devices.

Currently I have an EcoBee SMART stat with expanded remote sensor board. The older EcoBee SMART sensor board allows you to connect “dry contact” sensor - to which I have my smoke alarms, CO2 alarm, and two water sensors wired.
After installing my first “third-party” app and several discussions later - it would appears, only EcoBee3 remote “motion” sensors are currently supported - either OOTB from ST or from third-party devs.
So, is there a solution to leverage “dry contact” sensors? Perhaps a ZigBee sensor? Maybe even a USB breakout board?

I see IPCameras (I have six FosCams) are not supported?

I see Chamberlan MyQ was supported, but now it’s not?

I am reading on my EnvisionLink - which, seems complicated, but doable - especially since I have an ODroid laying around unused.

So in the end, I am looking for advice on my EcoBee mainly… Does anyone else have a similar setup?

Foscam can be added to ST

Adding additional temp sensors is done through an ST smart app. There are several apps that can average input from multiple sensors around your home to control thermostat.

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The GoControl contact sensors have external contacts that can be used and dry contacts.

Foscams as posted above, but no recording through ST.

For MyQ search for MyQ Lite, but it requires a separate tilt sensor.

Thank you all,

Got my Foscams up and running…

Now on to the other projects

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