New Amazon Alexa app, how to discover devices?

How do you make new Alexa app to discover your newly added devices? It used to be easy, just click on discover any devices, now i cannot find that option.
When I click on the plus sign in the smart home section of the Alexa app, it is asking me if I want to add a device or a group, etc. When I click on the add “device” it gives me a list of the device types - lights, plugs, switch, etc. Instead I want Alexa to auto-discover whatever additional devices I have just added to my smartthings.

Why don’t you just tell Alexa to “discover my devices”?

Oh, and via the app, just go through the add device “+”. Scroll all the way down to Other and tap on Discover Devices.

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Are you serious? Dub, did not think Alexa can do it. Always been adding devices through the app.

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