New Aeotec siren 6

Thanks ! I found what is happening, Now Its working, Its about how to program it I tap “Add a Smartapp” / Music & Sound and then only one app is displayed “Asistente de altavoces” something like “Speakers Assistant” I interpreted as that could be Speaker Companion app. But its fields to set up are (translated in English):

  • Control: play/stop/pause/omit
  • Play a notification
  • Play a weather report

If I select “Control:play option” asked for a device, Aeotec speaker is an option, but no chance to “custom message”, this option triggers the default chime programed in your DTH.
If I select “Play notification” then I find the options you told me. Great! Now I can chime the #25 when I get arriving at home to let my daughters know a hero is coming …hehe. Thanks again

I’m not sure if you were following the documentation posted by Aeotec, but it said to use the “Control:play” option, which as you discovered is wrong, so I contacted them and they said they’d update their documentation.

Glad to hear everything is working.

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Purchased and installed siren6 in smartthings. firmware 1.5. Installed and activated the DH from Kevin; much appreciated Kevin!. Unable to raise the volume of the siren no matter what setting I use. Strobe works fine and when I pressed the button in the siren the sound is much louder. Also constantly get “a network or server error occurred” message. Try again later". Any thoughts?


Hi, I just got the Aeotec Siren 6, but its a ZW164-C version. Anyone who have a DH for this one? (New SmartThings App)

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There is a great DTH made by @krlaframboise, look for it in this community.

Hi Carlos.

Unfortunately, his version is for AW164-A and does not work on ZW164-C.

I’ve compared the specs on z-wave alliance and all the configuration parameters are the same so the handler should work with A, B, and C.

That offline status issue was caused by the handler not having a vid, but I just posted a new version of the handler. You must have the handler installed and published before joining the device so if you already have the device joined you have to remove it and join it again.

For users that already have the old version of the handler installed, the old version might stay cached for a day. You might be able to force it to refresh the UI by changing the device’s label in the IDE, but that doesn’t always work.

Thanks a lot Kevin. Removing it, and then adding it again made miracles :slight_smile:

I didn’t test the changes I made in the last update so let me know if you’re still seeing that offline issue.

Still works fine. After having installed the DH before adding the device to ST, Amazon also discovered the Siren, however it has to properties here: 1. turn the siren on/off 2. Volume level, but this is actually not the volume level, but the sound. Setting “volume” to 5, plays sound 5 :smiley:

Is there a way to set the sound in an ST action? I only see sound level, not the option to select which sound to use.

Great work however Kevin :+1:

The device doesn’t expose any type of volume control so I’m assuming Amazon sees it as a Dimmer Switch so the slider you’re seeing is the dimmer level and not volume level.

The dimmer level is the workaround for playing the chime sounds by number from any SmartApp because ST Automations and the Alexa integration doesn’t support custom capabilities.

If you want the on/off control in Alexa to turn the siren on/off then you need to specify that using the device’s Switch On Action setting. That will make it use the siren volume when controlling it like a switch through Alexa.

Edit: After re-reading your post I’m not sure if the explanation above is what you’re attempt to do. If you’re trying to use Automations in ST to play different sounds based on different triggers then use it like a dimmer in the action. Setting level to 1% plays sound 1, 2% plays sound 2, etc. Those sounds with play at the chime volume specified in the device’s settings.

If you’re using it like a dimmer to play sounds then that “Switch On Action” setting most likely needs to be set to “Do Nothing” to prevent the siren from turning on when you attempt to play a chime.

Thanks Kevin

It works with the “Dimmer”, but it sometimes plays 1 or 2 other sounds snips in a row before the expected one. It’s not every time it does that, and it’s only a minor issue.

What are you using for the “Switch On Action” setting?