Network Receiver Yamaha

Does anybody have a edge driver for a Yamaha Network receiver ?
I now mostly use TheHomeRemote app now but since I have a aeotec hub I want to fully migrate to SmartThings.

Hope anyone can help

Unfortunately I don´t know if there is or isn´t a Yamaha edge driver but if there isn´t one, quite cheap and easy way to control your receiver (or any other IR device) is to buy one of these:
Works great on ST via Tuya.

I already have a Tuya RF hub but that doesn’t resolve my problem.
I would like to have a capabillity screen behind the activity or a universal virtual remote with definable capabilities for the device I want to manage. (eg receiver, dvd player, tv etc.)

That´s the beauty of that IR controller that you can do everything you can do with the original remote. You simply have to point original remote to IR controller and press the button you want it to learn and voilà.