[Edge] Broadlink IR Remote control driver (RM mini 3)

Here’s a beta-quality proof-of-concept edge driver to find and control a Broadlink learning infrared remote.

This was mainly done as a hobby project to see if it was possible, and play around with LUA on the hub. It’s got many limitations, not least that it only supports a single model: the Broadlink RM mini 3.

If you’d like to try it out, see the readme for a fuller explanation of limitations and how to install/use.

Note: this is unlikely to be maintained or extended
I don’t have the time, hardware or enthusiasm to add support for other devices, or get involved with fixing bugs you may find. If this works for you as you find it, or if you’d like to change and extend it, that’s great.


This code is at a very basic proof-of-concept level. Please do fork/extend/improve. The Broadlink protocol is fairly similar for many different devices. Adding other IR and RF remotes would be fairly straightforward (if you have access to the devices to test with). The same protocol can also run different Broadlink devices - the Python library this was inspired by already includes Smart plugs, Switches, Outlets, Power strips, Environment sensors, Alarm kits, Light bulbs, Curtain motors and Thermostats.

Source: GitHub - frostmar/smartthings-broadlink-edge: Samsung SmartThings edge driver for Broadlink IR Remote