Network Error when saving Scenes

I see this is old discussion, but I am having same issue. Can.t add devices (thermostats) to a scene once I made the original scene with one thermostat. Get “Network Error” I have renamed all the thermostats differently to avoid confusion.

For everyone having this problem, are you attempting to add devices that have “child devices” to the scenes that are encountering this error?

I’ve been experiencing this same issue but it only happens for devices that have children. I can add any devices to my scenes (including custom device handlers) but it will only fail to save the scene if one of the selected devices has children.

As another test, I removed the children from a device, setup the scene, and then re-added the children and it worked fine and continues to work fine. I cannot edit the scene though :frowning:

Might as well add me to the list of people experiencing this issue. Having issues with automations not running as expected and trying to make changes to timing and such that can’t be saved due to the network error message. Also, having problems with an automation that uses iOS phone locations for two phones.

I am so having a problem where I cannot save scenes. If I change an existing scene, or try and create a new one, I get an error. This happens in both the classic and the new app. I can occasionally get one or two simple devices to add to the scene, but as soon as I try and set dimmer levels or color temps, the scene will refuse to save. I have a couple scenes that I created years ago that still work, but even if I try and delete and re-create, the new scene simply will not save. This literally makes the platform USELESS.

I discovered this morning that multiple devices in my scenes that would not save (“NETWORK ERROR”) didn’t actually have settings like on/off selected when I tapped into them. On the Scene screen, they appeared to be set (in this case, to “off” as it was a Goodbye scene) but no check marks on the specific device page. Once I explicitly set them to the desired state for the scene, I was able to successfully save the scene. Hope that helps some of you.


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I’ll add to this, I have no ability to alter any scene. It throws an error

I have a similar problem.

I noticed that I can’t update a scene or an automation, but I can recreate the same scene / automation.

After forcing me to switch to an inferior app, this might be the last straw.