Netatmo Weatherstation

I have tried to load the the Netatmo (connect) SmartApp but this seems not to work. Does someone have the code to I can paste this in code section and how I need to proceed?


Not sure what you mean but here is some code, hopefully it helps.

Thanks a lot. I am pretty new to all of this. I just created a smartApp for the Netatmo monitor but how can I point this to my Netatmo in my infrastructure.

First you write you smartapp. Then you publish it to “yourself”, e.g. MyApps.

On you smartphone App, you go to the marketplace, select smartapp and scroll all the way down to “MyApps”. There you should see your privious written Smartapp. Select it and follow the prompts. It depends how you called your Field, you click on it and you add your device. Of course your device must be added to your hub prior.

Then your device and the smartapp should work together.

Got it working…thanks a lot!!