Netatmo Camera Integration

Hello guys,
I don’t know if i’m in the right place but i have problem with my Netatmo camera integration on Samsung SmartThings. I have actually 2 Netatmo camera and they works pretty well. They are named “Camera Garage” and “Camera Salon” in the scene named “Camera Intérieur”.

When i associate Netatmo app with SmartThings, i can see only 1 device named “Camera Intérieur”. And when i click on, i have no data, no information. It’s something like Samsung SmartThings think it’s not a camera :

Do you have same issue ? How can i make it works ?

Thanks all for your time in advance and have a nice day!

I forgot to add this screenshot :

Cloud to Cloud integrations are maintained by the vendor of the product. You will need to contact their support to help diagnose the issues.


Oh ok, thanks for your time ! :blush:

Hello again,

Netatmo tell me i have to contact support SmartThings for this problem. Someone have the same problem here ? What caused this ?

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Where can i found something like log ? To tey to understand…

There are no user accessible logs for cloud->cloud integrations.

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You can find the Netatmo response from their support :

"Hello Damien,
My colleague forwarded your message to me. I’m in charge of Netatmo APIs
To summarize how APIs work :
Partner applications (here SmarthThings) come and query routes on our public API using our documentation :

Once this done, our servers return a
response in JSON format, containing all the information related to the installation. Finally, the partner receives this JSON response and interprets it in its application to display the data (a live video stream, a connection
connection/disconnection status, …)
If your cameras are working correctly in the Home + Security application, then this JSON response is correct. No difference between the file we receive and the one the partner receives.

Concerning the “thermostat” and not “camera”, it seems that the scopes (the access authorizations access authorizations requested by the partner app) are “read_thermostat” and “write_thermostat” instead of “read_camera” and “write_camera”. This might explain why it’s declared as a thermostat.

For me, it’s more likely
a problem interpreting this file; I don’t know whether SmartThings handles the possibility of having multiple the possibility of having several cameras.
Have a nice day"

So, i think the problem is from Samsung SmartThings.