Nest users Beware, Google getting ready for account migration

As August 31st is approaching, Google is getting ready to turn the lights off on Nest API, discussed at length here.

Today that reality is even closer. When prompted, do not migrate to the new Google account, as that may effectively kill your Works with Nest integrations based on Nest API.

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Oops, my link to the topic didn’t save initially, it’s updated now :slight_smile:

If you take advantage of any integrations using Nest API “don’t merge your Nest account into a Google account. These connections will be severed and you’ll be unable to go back. After August 31st, you won’t be able to make new Works with Nest connections or make a new Nest account. The Nest account you have won’t get any new features, but Google will keep supporting it with security updates and your Works with Nest connections will keep working for the time being.”

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IFTTT message

Let the bugs begin!

“problem on the iOS version of the Nest App won’t allow a Nest Protect to be installed after a Nest Hub Max, Google’s shiny new smart display

Curious if anyone migrated and then had regret after migration? I use 1 “integration”, to turn on the fan, and the need to have access to the Nest Max Camera is becoming more of a win for me. Curious if anyone had regret or if it worked out nicely?

Was wondering if registering a Hub Max forces you to migrate. Sounds like you have one, did you have to migrate in order to get any of the new Max features?

Registration, no, but using the camera function in the Nest app is forcing migration.

Edit: so far using the camera in nest app is the only migration issue I ran in to. Flawless for everything else (so far)

And that didn’t break the Nest integration with ST, or how are you turning on the fan?

using IFTTT, which will break after I migrate. I dont know of a good place to discuss any post/pre migration issues but this forum :shrugs2:

i’m basically at a point of keeping the integration with ifttt or losing it and having an internal camera

I’m not sure I am following.

I don’t think my question truly belongs in this community but it seems relevant to this thread and I can’t find the information on the Web right now. May even be the same question as above but I can’t tell. All the info on the Web right now is cluttered with noise about what happens if you migrate your Nest account and does not address my actual question.

I received a free Google Home Mini. I do not have any other Google Home products (I’m an Alexa user). I would like to play with it though. If I create a Google Home account will I be forced to migrate my Nest account (which I DO NOT want to do)?

I don’t think so, because they don’t know you are a Nest developer. BUT the Hub Max has a Nest camera, so adding the new Hub Max camera to the Nest app, it sounds like they force you to migrate. I am thinking of getting a max but not ready to lose NST Manager over it.

Ah, that was the part from other replies above I was not getting. Thanks.

Update: according to Nest support, adding a Max cam to Nest account doesn’t require migration. We shall see when my Max gets here, if they are correct :slight_smile:

Just to clear up any confusion. Here you say add to your Nest account but the posted image shows add to Google Home which is not the same. You would be adding this device to your google account.

Well, the Max is “dual” device. You have to add it to Google Home and will be available in Nest app too. Was afraid that camera features of the Max may be considered as new Nest “features”, which could have triggered auto migration of Nest login to Google Login (based on previous communication from Google that new features will only be available for Google Login) . The camera features like face recognition require Nest Aware subscription.

As suspected, Nest Support is full of BS. They force you to migrate in order to use the Max camera.

Clicking No cancels the camera setup. Clicking yes, forces you to migrate.

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The way you phrased your post may cause confusion: if you want to use the Hub Max camera as a Nest Cam, then yes you are correct. However, if you have no intention of doing that you can avoid the migration and still use the Max Camera as part of Google Home. In other words, you can use the Max Camera for video calls and facial recognition.

I regret it enough to seriously throwing out the thermostat and switching to something else. I can’t even do much within google to get to thermostat setup. Google has ghosted everyone on this, as usual with Google support is almost impossible to get.