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(Benji) #131

Where did you read that? I’m pretty certain no one from ST has ever said the V2 hub would natively support Nest…

(Community Journeyman) #132

(Benji) #133

From what I can see, neither of those articles (from third party sites) have any official statement from ST saying that the Nest will be officially supported, nor has ST ever stated directly that it is or it will be officially supported.

(Community Journeyman) #134

I never said this was an official statement from SmartThings. I said that I had read it. You asked where…hence the posted links.

(Arlo Miller) #135

Any ETA on an official integration?

Just installed the one from dianoga, didn’t take too long. my first time with one of these user community installs. pretty cool.

(Thiago Vinhas) #136

ETA? Yeah, right! :smiley:

(Benji) #137

By the time there’s official integration, people will have moved on to better smart thermostats anyway.

In a lot of discussions I see where people ask which smart thermostat to buy, people rarely mention the Nest any more. Popular opinion seems to be the EcoBee3…

(Patrick Musselman) #138

Agreed. If I had to do it all over again i would go with the EcoBee3. Also, I can’t see official integration leading to anything better or more options than the unofficial integration. Vera has official integration (works With Nest WWN) and it is not cracked up to what it should be. In fact, when I used Vera (don’t anymore) the official integration often times did not work. Many people over there preferred the unofficial integration because it worked and provided a little bit more functionality.

(Benji) #139

Yep and since V3 didn’t provide any worthwhile updates at all, I just see the Nest Thermostat slowly dying…

I too wouldn’t get a Nest Thermostat if I had to do it again and I only have this V2 because it ‘come with the house’…


App looks awesome, not sure when there would be official integration but I am glad to be not waiting for one…

One question is there support for setting Nest to Away when ST Mode is set to Away? I see there are other apps that can do this, but was wondering if this is already supported in this app.

(Community Journeyman) #141

Today you can only do this via IFTTT.


Thanks, will give that a try

(Patrick Musselman) #143

I am very happy with the Nest Auto Presence Away app by Samuel Wang.


Thanks for the pointer…Since I don’t have any presence sensors(for now) am leaning towards triggering them based on routines/modes, think I saw couple of apps that do this based on modes, will look them up…

(Huy Nguyen) #145

This smart app allows you to set the Nest “Away” based on ST Mode. I have the app installed twice. One to set the Nest to Away when ST is Away and another instance to set the Nest to Home when ST is Home. Doesn’t rely on presence although I use presence to auto set ST Modes.


Was just playing with that :slight_smile: working great so far…


Why does this show as Family? And why can I not set a device icon (well, I can set it, but nothing happens)

(Josh) #148

It shows as family because of the presence sensing that it has built in. Not sure on the device icon. A few custom device type things I have wont take a different icon, Nest is one, and my Yale Front door lock is another.


Thanks for the response… I guess “Presence” would of been a better category over naming it “Family”.

(Josh) #150

It kind of makes sense in a cookie cutter kind of way. If you use your phone, or a FOB style presence sensor, you typically give them out to members of the family. this doesnt always hold true, for example, i use the FOB in my Jeep, and my phone for my presence. I will only trigger away mode if both of them are gone. If i am just going for a walk or run, then it doesnt completely shut down the house.

While i do love my jeep, I dont think of it as “Family” either lol.