Nest thermostat On smart things please help

Technology is not my stronger Side
I read all of places including the must Recent Article about how to set nest in smartings And I can’t seems to find what’s the right Way to do it

Can anyone explain Step-by-step how to do it
Thank you

Have you seen these:

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Been down that road, just use the Nest app. I found the Nest Manager mentioned above to be a pain to setup & configure, and an even bigger pain to keep running. My connection is now dead and I can’t get it to reconnect. Not worth the time to chase it down. I’m back to using the Nest app until I find a replacement thermostat as I really dislike the Nest anyway.

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Then why don’t you start another topic if you are looking for something else other than Nest?

Looking for new Smart Thermostat.

And then your first post simply states that you are looking for recommendations for another Smart Thermostat and that you would like to move from Nest because you don’t like that particular one.

That’s a good idea, or you could mind your own business if you don’t like what I have to say! There’s a thought.

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You would get more recommendations and useful information if you did so, instead if your snide remarks about what you tried and what didn’t work.

You are a waste of time.

Go hang out with your little canadian buddy. Too friggen funny. :joy:

I guess someone doesn’t like others voicing their opinion about Nest!

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OK gentleman - take a time-out PLEASE

I agree with you. it’s the pain in the… i was getting internal server erros constantly… i even contacted support coz i had a few questions about shards and all, but instead of answering them they sent back a useless, weirdly composed piece of text which was referring to something but i never found out what… i tried to ask what they were referring to but after the second try I quickly realised they aren’t strong in understanding questions :smiley:
so I’m back with the nest app itself, just like you :slight_smile:
I might give this nest manager another try, but i highly doubt it would work :frowning: and perhaps i should just leave it as it isn’t worth the time …
to be honest i find the smart things hub pretty much unreliable… sometimes my things work and sometimes they don’t. it’s really frustrating.

Agreed. I finally got NST Manager & NST Automation uninstalled, what a pain, too convoluted. Nonetheless the Nest days are numbered as I found a great rebate deal on the Ecobee3 Lite through my local power provider, half price! That was enough to force my hand. I’m cautiously optimistic. The lack of a battery backup with the power issues at my home is my only concern (explained in a previous post). With that being said my ST routines, apps, etc have been quite reliable but they are all native except “Lock Manager” and that too has been fine.

FYI, I put a large UPS (850VA) on my router & hub (even though the hub has battery backup) this keeps everything connected for up to 4 hours when the power goes out. Ironically my DSL typically stays up when the power goes down so all the Zwave stuff stays accessible and less susceptible to power surges. Even the Nest stayed connected because of it’s battery backup. In short doing this made everything much more reliable for me.