Nest Thermostat Device Type w/Multi-Tile

I have reworked the code from dianoga and @desertblade
The filter tile is still a work in progress and might say replace for everyone.
iOS: With the exception of the secondary_value being centered with the latest update works great
Android: As of V2.0.8 this appears to be working on my Galaxy S5 and Tab S8.4.


thats looks nice! good job

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Looking forward to the smart App. I have been tossing around the idea for bit, but been busy lately. If you need anyone to peer review or test it out let me know.

To bad I am on Android so all I see with this is the stupid Question mark, wonder if there is a way to make it work with Android… I am sure the next update will include it.

This is looking nice. I too am on Android and can’t understand why the filter field would be different based on phone model as the code should perform the same in both iOS and Android.

Looking good so far; nice and compact. I’ll let you know if anything weird jumps out at me while using.

Will test out too like the look too

anyone else have this crash the ST app? I’ve published this as a device type and created a device and have updated all the appropriate info for my nest.

When I try to open the “thing” within the ST app, the app crashes every single time.

Sorry i’ve been silent I’m up north with the family for the holidays…

Are you seeing any errors in logs?

No nothing shows up in the live logging. The app just crashes and closes when I try to open that device. It appears it might be something I’m doing wrong because others have commented that it looks great…

Thanks, just saw this mentioned in the 2.0.8 thread… looks great. but a bit broken on my android with 2.0.8

Fonts are all random sizes :frowning:

That’s a SmartThings issue that they are working on.

This looks awesome though, brings the unofficial Nest Thermostat integration up to date with a more modern look! Will we be able to properly tie ST modes to Nest modes?

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I got this up and running only issue i have is that its not refreshing temperature until i manually press refresh button. Any way to do this automatically?

right now you will need to use:

How did you fix the crash? I am seeing this as well

I actually got it to work… not sure what I did to be honest.

One question… would it be possible to add two sets of toggles for the cool & heat multi-mode?

Those of us in Florida have occasion to need both

This may not be the ultimate solution but switch to cool mode set the temp and then heat and set the temp. Switch mode to auto and it should use those hot and cold temps.

Doesn’t seem to work. I set the individual temps but when I go back to dual mode the old values repopulate.

Any other suggestions?

Hmm… Sorry about that I thought that would work.
Well myself and a couple others in the community are working on an all new Nest app and devices. I’m hoping to have something out within the next few weeks for testing so I will make sure to add that to the list of items we address.

Is there a reason not to set this through the Nest app? Do you change these settings often through rules? Just want to know the scenario.

Setting them through ST takes time to make the call, there is some delays built in, so if you make to many changes it may not get pushed up to Nest.

I am looking at tweaking the layout, I like the Multi-tile, but it takes up a lot of real estate.

This device type does not use multi-tile and has separate heat and cool settings:

So, I attempted to use @tonesto7’s code above and it crashes the ST iOS app when I attempt to open the device for editing (to add S/N, password, etc…). Unsure why…