Nest Protect linked to Heat Detector

(Dario Gravina) #1

Hi Guys,

I have purchased 3 Nest Protect for my place and I will need to buy a heat detector for my kitchen. Please could you suggest any heat detector which can be linked to Nest Protect?

Thank you very much

(Robin) #2

Nest Protect is very good at telling the difference between burnt toast / steam and a real fire.

You should find it works ok in a kitchen without false alarms.

An independent test found that burnt toast tripped ionisation-based detectors 80 percent of the time; the Protect (Split Spectrum Sensor) didn’t alarm once.

The built in humidity sensor in a Protect is able to recognise steam and avoid false alarms in that respect also.

(Ray) #3

I don’t think there is a smart heat detector out there that’s working with Nest protect right now. There’s not even a smart heat detector that I could think of either. If you are looking for one to work with your Sprinkler system then I suggest you should stick with your old detector for now.


Doesnt Nest Gen2 have a heat sensor/detector. Why buy another one?

Heat sensor: enables Nest Protect to detect sudden rises in temperature.

(Robin Penny) #5

Nest support documentation says:
"Rooms where installing a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm is not recommended

Some rooms in your home have conditions that are more likely to damage a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm or set off nuisance alarms.

It is recommended that you do not install combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms in these rooms:


However, Nest Protect can be installed at least 3 m (10 feet), from cooktops or cooking appliances."


I’m verify interested in a heat detector for my garage that works with Nest. I’m more interested in that application, which FEMA and NFPA all agree it is an appropriate.

Are they going to make one or is there one compatible?