SmartThings and Google Integrations

So SmartThings now integrates with Nest Thermostat (and Cameras), and with Android Auto, which is great. But it still doesn’t integrate with Google Home speakers/displays. I really would like to have SmartThings make announcements on my Google Home speakers as part of some of the automation notifications. There is a Google Assistant Relay server out there that I have set up and I’m able to talk to it from webCoRE, but the problem is that it frequently loses authentication for some reason (invalid_grant error) and no one seems to know why.

Also, when is SmartThings going to integrate with the Nest Protect, which is somehow left out of the recent Nest integrations?

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There has been no official comments from ST staff or Google staff on this forum regarding this specific integration. Your guess is as good as anyone’s.

Additionally, integrations are now the responsibility of the various manufacturers, the question is better directed to Google’s development team…