Nest on Deathwatch


(Joe) #1

Might have to start looking for a new thermostat soon!

(Sid) #2

Good article, wont be surprised if it actually gets sold or dumped. They have not delivered any new product in the last 2 yrs inspite of having access to google’s bank account. Would be sad to see a good product die.

(Joe) #3

I agree I was excited about nest when they first arrived on the scene and bought the thermostat and the protects. I started going away from them when I started seeing them go proprietary and trying to control the industry by not letting other things connect and communicate with their hardware or at least controlling how others connected. I thought they were going to be a leader and try to get all other industries on the same page and they turned around and started doing the thing I hate the most. Closing their ecosystem.

(Sid) #4

Tony Fadell’s Apple hangover is not over yet, thats why he believes in closing the ecosystem. There are both pros and cons to it though. Closed ecosystem means a stable product like nest, open ecosystem means not so stable product like smartthings. Tell me how many times have you had problems with your Nest thermostat compared to smarthings :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(Joe) #5

I understand however there are trade off’s with that as well. How much more can I do with Smartthings Compared to my nest. Hell I can even control my nest with smartthings and perform automations with it. Even though it’s not “Officially supported” The community here gives Smartthing much of it’s power. However I will say that Smartthings is coming around and becoming much more reliable. I have had about 0 problems in the last few month.

(Geko) #6

Was chocolate ice cream Fadell’s favorite flavor? Why would they paint in over the Nest image? :wink:

(Marc) #7

Many of Nest’s customers including myself have been plauged by Wifi connectivity issues for their thermostats after releasing the 2.0 software. As well as faulty Nest Protect gen 1’s, I would hardly consider their products stable. Their forum is littered with people complaining about the wifi issues. They used to be worse and they have improved but even today, my friend sent me a screenshot of his offline and asked why.

(Ben W) #8

“Nest on Deathwatch” is a little over the top. I agree they were lost there way and the past year or so has been disappointing.

Nest did reelease OpenThread ( and there is still a high number of demand for “works with Nest”. Wonder if the new Google Alexa competitor will open up some doors for more usage.

Nest does fit in with Google everywhere plan. They just need some proper vision to be successful.

(Sid) #9

My comments were based on my personal experience. I have never had any problems with the 2 thermostats so far, so have never bothered to check their forums. Had a horrible experience adding a Protect gen 2 to the network, since then no issues with it either. Based on my experience, i consider the products very stable.

(Fast, Good, Cheap...pick two.) #10

I’m confused…maybe I’m not understanding you.

Did we watch the same video?..with the Nest protects?..stable?

((Possibly not the Matt you're looking for)) #11

Nest has been an unending garbage fire. But saying it is on “deathwatch” probably misreads the tea leaves. That the CEO was fired suggests they want to bring new leadership in who can right the ship. Once they burn through another CEO (or three), then start writing the obituary. Even then, the PR costs of abandoning support for an installed base as large as Nest would dwarf their current troubles.

(Geko) #12

The new CEO is a known “liquidator”, so the article has a point. We shall see…

(Ben W) #13

Disagree, the article spun it like he was an liquidator, but he only did it once for Motorola/Google. His linked profile had the comment about transitioning to Arris removed, so not sure what that means.

There are plenty of CEO level people that are true liquidators. Seems like they brought him out of retirement, mostly board member stuff and Managing Partner at an Advising firm.