Nest integration for Australia

Can some one please confirm if Nest integration is even possible in Australia? I have ST app 1.6.64 which is connect to my Google Home app. There is nowhere in the Nest app to link to ST. In ST Nest is not listed when trying to add devices. Please help!!!

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If you choose add device by Brand you should see the icons and should be a Nest one.


@tech2urdoor do you see Nest on your list?

Thanks for the reply. Nope don’t see it

Then I have some bad news for you. You have chosen a Samsung product, which is not supporting features in your country as in others.

We cannot really tell what makes these SA (Selective Availability) features. There is no list which integration works in which country.

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Say it ain’t so!

I just don’t understand it as a business decision. It’s like they want home automation to fail.

The only thing what we can guess, that it must have a legal reason for it. But who knows…

There is a workaround through this SmartApp by Yracine which works but sadly no native ST/Nest integration in Australia at this time!