Nest Cam IQ

Definitely looks interesting, if a little expensive. I couldn’t tell from the first press release, but does this require the same $10 a month Nest aware subscription to get the advanced features like facial recognition?


From what I read, the exact same thing applies as their existing cameras. If you don’t pay the subscription for a camera, you cannot record any history. You will be able to retrieve the still captured image for the last 3 hours. Based on the facial recognition, it says that the camera begins recording two streams, so my assumption is that for these cameras and facial recognition to work, you have to pay a subscription. I will post that other article in this topic. I was going to attempt to copy all the posts from the other thread, but that just might add confusion. :slight_smile:

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This is the paragraph that leads me to that assumption:

Zooming happens automatically when the Nest Cam IQ detects a person, at which point the camera will start saving two video streams, one at full crop and one zoomed in. Recording two video streams at once means the IQ is doing a significant amount of on-board processing, which is powered by a surprisingly beefy six-core Qualcomm processor.

When I saw the title, I thought you were leaking some good news about ST bringing the Nest IQ to their platform, but then I read that is ‘just’ a cam. 'nough with these fake news!


LOL - That would be icing on the cake. For my setup, it would lead me that much closer to my expected infrastructure and filling gaps in my system and automation. Inch by inch, it’s coming.

Based on this and the facial recognition, I’m telling you, I’m going out on a limb that Nest will be releasing a security system or hub later this year. Why else would they add facial recognition in a closed loop system? Why I Ask you? It’s coming.

And they mentioned a doorbell as well. And then as I told you the other day, the Yale Linus has been on hold for almost a year and a half. I called and spoke to a rep last month and he said that the lock will be released at the end of the 2nd quarter. That lock already has packaging and everything and was ready to go out the door.

Looking like Nest got through the crap it went thru last year.

What will be interesting is how Alphabet will play nice with each other between divisions, Nest and Google Home / Assistant.

Then there is the ST side of things and what future integrations will hold with Samsung Connect Home.

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Confirmation straight from the horses mouth:

And lol:

Look at the fine print at bottom. Not available on Nest Cams in Illinois.

Oh, good! It can recognize me when I go padding through the house thinking no one is home after my shower…



I suspect some Illinois facial recognition privacy law; probably one of those regulations that get ahead of an issue.


The Nest Cam IQ is now available…

Cool tech, but seems way overkill for an indoor environment where usually your within 10-15ft of what your trying to view. Now outdoors would make much more sense to me although I still much prefer POE cameras due to reliability and no need for 120v power.

They likely already have one. The routers they have will already do it. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the Google Home can do it as well already.