Indoor camera recommendations please

(Glenn Smith) #1

I am looking for a recommendation of an internet camera that links to smart things that doesn’t need a cloud fee to get to work like the nest cam. Not looking for the cheapest necessary; easy to use and good quality image and sound. Two way audio an advantage. Initially for baby monitoring.


(Brian Smith) #2

I have an Arlo Q. Although that Arlo is not supported yet (ST went silent on when it will be done), other Arlo cameras are. Netgear’s app is pretty good and they have 7 day free motion recording.

(Darwin ) #3

I use the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro inside and it’s been great. During the day I can intercom my kids downstairs and at night set it to watch for motion. No cloud required.

(Glenn Smith) #4

Thanks I’ll check them out.


I use arlo (not Q), very happy with it, and I don’t find that the limit of 7 days is an issue.

My only issue is that it doesn’t work with ActionTiles, and I can’t see that changing.

(Jason) #6

@Gupster, I’m a big fan of Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Q, I am using a mixture of the three with Q being my inside camera. There is integration lag that results in a delayed video capture after motion is detected. This can be taken care of by keeping record (armed) control within the Arlo app. You can still view and control the cameras within the ST app, i.e. having ST turn off the cameras to save battery when you’re home and turning them on when you leave or within a night routine.