Cannot connect NEO Coolcam Light Switch with SmartThings Hub v3

I’m trying to connect the NEO Coolcam Light Switch with a v3 SmartThings hub.

I’m following the steps below:

  • Power on the switch
  • Let the SmartThings hub into inclusion mode. The green light on the hub starts blinking.
  • Enable inclusion mode on the switch (rapidly press the button 3 times)
  • The light on the switch turned blinking red for 5 times

All steps above are the same with documents, but no success.

I’m having the light switch EU version, is it might be a problem?

Here is the video:

P/S: I tried:

  • Reset the switch by hold the button for 10s
  • Power on the switch after the hub goes to the inclusion mode
  • Try to enable General Exclusion mode on the hub, but the device doesn’t show up.

Are they on the same Z-wave frequency? Have you tried using the classic app to add?

My switch is the EU version, so from its documentation, it works on the frequency of 868.4 MHz

I’m not sure the SmartThings support which frequency, but depends on this FAQ, it seems to works on the 908.4 MHz.

I thought the SmartThings support both US/EU version, no?

If you bought from US, it will be 908 Mhz.
If you bought from UK/EU, it will be 868 Mhz.