NEO Coolcam child switch not working in new app

I have multiple 2 channel switches from NEO Coolcam all running without a problem, but one switch (which I installed after switching to new app) is not working - that is the child switch (channel 2) is not working in the new app but is working fine in the classic app.

It appears as a switch in the new app, but is not showing the on/off button and instead just showing the cloud icon. If I then open the classic app and use the same switch everything is working fine.

Don´t see any errors in the log.

The only difference I see in the device configuration is that this child switch has Home Hub selected under Hub while all the other child switches have that field empty. Does not allow me to change that, but I doubt that would have any effect.

So does anyone have an idea of what the new app might be unhappy with as it pertains to NEO Coolcam?

Not just NEO coolcam - other Z-wave (parent/child) devices are affected too.

Yes, as @hongtat mentions, there are other devices affected for some people too - I am having similar problems with a Fibaro FGS 223 two channel switch. Using the custom DTH still works in the classic app but not the new app.

I fixed the problem by switching from hongtat driver to the driver from krlaframboise.

So if you are using the hongtat driver and need to fix this problem right away you have the option of using the krlaframboise driver.

What I needed to do was to first install the driver, remove the switch from ST (it assigns a different network ID) and reinstall it as it were a new device. ST then automatically picked the krlaframboise driver even though the hongtat driver is still installed. I then had to reassign everything, which is a pain as I have about 30 of these switches and pretty detailed automation’s, but I found no other way.



I should also mentioned that ST gave me massive headaches when removing the switches as it said it was removed but didn´t remove it from my devices. When I tried to remove them manually I kept getting some database error messages and had to wait for sometimes a whole day after which I could remove them. Felt like ST does some database cleanup every day which unlocks the entries and allows you to finally delete these entries.

I’ve tried both the krlaframboise and a new hontat device handler called Zwave multichannel parent & child and cant get anything to resolve this problem.

Given this works on the old app just fine it has to be something ST has done with their new app. This is maddening.

Anyone got any ideas?



@Su_Clarke Make sure you update and publish the codes and follow the instructions here.

If it doesn’t work, remove the device (parent & child) from ST and add as a new device again.

Thanks. That seems to have done the trick