Problem with Neo Coolcam Smart Plugs

Few weeks ago I got few Neo Coolcam Z-Wave smart plugs. Till few days ago everything was OK, but at one moment one of them disappears. At the end I removed the device from ST and tried to reconnect - without success. Then I performed factory reset. Strange thing is that after the reset - when I try to connect (put in discovery mode) - LED blinks 5 times in green (first time when I push the button 3 times fast - it blinks in purple and then connects without issues) - and I ST app didn’t discover a new device. Today same thing happen with the second one. I’m not sure what is the problem - I put ST hub in z-Wave exclusion mode - try to follow vendor removal instruction - but nothing. Any ideas how I can solve the issue are welcome…

are you using a standard or custom device handler?

Standard. During initial pairi St recognized devices properly.

In case their instructions said something different, you need to triple click the action button to exclude it.

I did it - led starts blinking in green - and nothing happens

If you hold the button for more than 10 seconds it will factory reset the device.

After doing that, wait 5-10 seconds, unplug it, wait at least 10 seconds, plug it back in, put the hub into inclusion mode, and then triple click the button. Make sure you’re triple clicking the button really fast.

Thanks. I’ll try tonight!

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I try, but without success (with 2 small notes - I stop the power of the House as it very hard to unplug the plug and Second - the washing Machine is plugged into the plug)… Factory reset seems to work OK - on the 10th second start blinking purple - but after that when. I push the button 3 times fast - led blinks in gren not in purple.

I’m pretty sure you can’t have anything plugged into it during inclusion.

When you’re pushing the button 3 times fast, do you here it click like it does when you turn it on and off? If so, you’re not pushing it fast enough…

Unplugging the connected device, solved the issue.

sorry for hijacking.
I am using neocoolcam DH taken from here:
from reading this post I assume that I dont need to use it at all? does smartthings have builtin support from this? how is it called in the app?

You don’t need it. Pick Neo Coolcam from the brands list when adding a device.

Cann’t find Neo Coolcam plug . on Smartthings Classic build in DHT’s on IDE or New Smartthings App devices. Can you please explain how to find.

If you want to change any of the device’s settings then you need to use a custom DTH, but once you’ve saved the changes you can change it back to the built-in handler that most likely executes locally.

That device’s fingerprint is probably in the built-in z-wave metering switch DTH. That might not be the exact name, but it should be something like that.