Wink Shortcuts allows you to integrate ST (via IFTTT) with many devices that only work with Wink

I just discovered an app called Wink Shortcuts. It works with IFTTT and allows you to integrate many devices that only work with Wink. No Wink hub required. I was able to get it to connect to my Emerson Sensi thermostat, set up an applet in IFTTT and now Google Home can control my thermostat. I see it also works with LiftMaster garage doors so that’s another way you can get ST to operate your LiftMaster garage door.

How are the devices communicating with IFTTT if you don’t have a wink hub? Doesn’t something have to serve as the bridge to the Internet?

Wink has a few compatible devices that connect directly to the wink app without a hub (as far as I am aware, I might be wrong)

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I see. That would seem to be the case with the thermostat the OP mentions, it’s a wifi thermostat apparently.

Any of Wink’s cloud to cloud integrations can be used with just their app. A true Wi-Fi connection wouldn’t work because it would be expecting a Wi-Fi receiver which SmartThings doesn’t have.

That’s a really good think since I liked some of Wink’s integrations would love to see them work with SmartThings.

One question, does the app work with Wink 2 or jus the first generation Wink?