Need to monitor power from an appliance and alert me if it ever shuts off NOT HOUSE POWER OUTAGE

Been searching for over 2 days now, cannot actually find a device or smartthing or smart outlet that will alert me if the appliance PLUGGED INTO IT shuts off, not the whole home power outage and outlet losing power, the outlet will not lose power, only the device plugged INTO the outlet i need to monitor incase it shuts off.

(HVAC UNIT shutting off because of condensation overflow, whatever, triggering the water shutoff switch, NEST does not alert me that it cannot commucate with the hvac anymore, need a monitor for power on/off for APPLIANCE not power from house)

You can create a routine that when the power draw drops below a certain level it will send you a notification.

There are a number of different “energy monitoring” smart plugs which can tell you the amount of energy being drawn by something plugged into them. However, if you are in the US most of them can’t handle the power requirements of a typical washing machine or large air conditioner.

There are also some other alternative approaches, but it depends a lot on the specifics.

So I think you can do what you want to do, but we need to know a few things first before suggesting candidates:

  1. what country are you in?

  2. do you have a smartthings/Aeotec hub, and if so, which model? If you don’t have a hub, are you willing to get one? This would expand the number of candidate devices you could consider. But it’s not a requirement, there are some energy monitoring devices which do not require a hub.

  3. what is the brand and model of the appliance that you want to monitor? This does make a difference.

Once we know those answers, we can be more helpful in replies.

can you tie into the cuttoff switch directly? or indirectly via relay to watch for the interlock being tripped?


If you are North America and have a ST hub with Z-wave, monitor the 24 volt thermostat circuit with a Zooz Zen 17. You can hook up 12-24 volts to the inputs.

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