Need to install a bunch of GE ightswitches. Can I do it all at once?

Just moved into my new house and I need to start replacing a lot of the light switches with GE Z-Wave ones. Am I going to have to do it one at a time to pair them, or can I just install a bunch at once?

Each Switch has to be individually paired. Anywhere you have a three way or four-way set up you need to install all of the switches for that light fixture at the same time. With GE switches, only the master actually gets paired to the smartthings hub, the auxiliaries are physically wired to the master via the traveler wires.

But every master switch has to be individually paired, if that’s what you’re asking.

If you are asking if you can do one master switch on Monday, then another master switch on Thursday, then three or four master switches over the weekend, sure, that’s no problem, again assuming that you do all of the devices for a three-way at the same time.

If you’re asking if you can wire all the switches at once and then go back and pair them individually then, yes, and some people do that when they have the switches installed by an electrician. The switches will work as physical switches even if they haven’t been paired yet.

I just replaced all my switches in the home and you can do them all at once. I did mine one breaker at a time. Once you restore power you just power on and off the switch while adding a device in smartthigns and it will show up. Name it and then go to the next switch.

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I had mine in for years before they were paired with anything.

Really? Why?

Never got around to buying a hub. Too busy working on the new house, moving, retiring. Then just a few weeks after someone asked if I ever made my house smart, SmartThings was on sale for a ridiculously low price I was having a hard time deciding between Homeseer and this. For the price, even if it failed miserably, I had to start.