Need Testers: Android as Speech Device/Alarm

Check post #1 in this thread, there are links to instructions there.

Is there an updated link? This one is broken.

Take a look here

Strange… it’s working for me. Where is it sending you?

So glad to see a simple android client! Any chance you’d consider adding the ability to play certain audio files? I primarily want to have some recorded messages outside when unexpected motion is detected “intruder detected” or “please approach the console to identify yourself” and would prefer it not sound tts-y.

BigTalker 1.1.4-Beta8 should now be working with Lannouncer (LanDroid).
Latest community post regarding resolving this: [OBSOLETE 1.1.6 5/25/16] Big Talker - Talk when events occur

Please test and PM me to let me know if this resolves the issues you had or not.

I hope some one will help me on this, I am using the Lannouncer setup (tried with two different phones) Alarm or Siren is playing only for 3 to 4 sec and stopping, I tried everything on the phone like changing different ip address and reinstalled the “Lannouncer” but no luck, and also same issue with the curl commnads too.

any idea on this ? does this time setup some where in the Lannouncer app itself ?

What would the commands be to get a chime then a spoken message? I tried “SPEAK=@|ALARM=CHIME&SPEAK=Hello” but both happen at the same time. What am I missing?

Not missing anything. I’ve received a few requests to queue up sounds rather than interrupt current with new ones. My initial thoughts were that you’d always want the most recently-triggered one. Expect an update by end of March with this.

Strangely enough after testing it is been working as intended I hear the chime and then announces front door open

is there a way to adjust the duration of the siren when it is triggered? I would like to keep it firing off until I manually turn it off when it is triggered by an event.Thanks

Not yet, although I could possibly add that. The new version does support you using your own media file and adds a “STOP” command, so you could handle it that way.

little help wanted, i have set to announce when someone leaves and arrives, how ever, smartthings has told me i have left yet i have not?

If it’s Android, you could try looking here…

Of course, there are probably other threads about it too, but since that one is fresh on my mind from dealing with the same thing, I figured I’d share it.

Hi I’m currently using LANnouncer with WebCore, and on my new Fire 8 Speech Syntesis doesn’t work, while chimes and alarm work.

On my older Fire everything work (the same piston make the Fire 7 speak, while the Fire 8 doesn’t).

How could I fix this?

Looking for a little help here. I recently installed LANnouncer on my Android (Samsung Galaxy S9+) and I can get it to work once, but then I have to STOP the Service and Start the Service if I want it to work again. Even back to back tries!

My trigger is SHM Alarm Delay and BigTalker 2.

A little more detail would be helpful. Did you try the troubleshooting section of the online manual? It walks you through testing it with your own web browser.

Sorry it took do long to respond. I’ve been trying simple things to learn something new and I can’t seem to keep it running. I have Lannouncer running on my Android phone. I have a very simple piston that says when button is pressed, say Hello World! When I start the Lannouncer service it works great but then after a few tries it stops working. If I keep using it repeatably it keeps working, but if I leave it for a few seconds (15), it stops responding. I have to stop the service and restart it in order for it to work again. Ip addresses are correct. No other changes. It must be an OS issues or setting in my phone that creates the issue?

Just wondering if this thread is dead or not. I would really like to have this Lannouncer to be finetuned for my needs.

Yeah, it’s dead. After the support woes here, I moved to Hubitat.

But I’m listening. What would you like?