Need suggestions for Single pole Double Throw US ZWave Switch /Relay

Hello all, helping someone with a QuietCool whole house fan that takes two separate hot wires in to control two speeds.

Can’t have both hots active at the same time, so the wiring diagram shows it’s usually sitting behind a 110v 15a single pole DOUBLE THROW switch to control speed.

The Vision ZL7431US seems to fit the bill (theres a great community article talking about a similar application using this for a pool pump) BUT I cant find a source for the device nor can I confirm if its even still made.

So, suggestions for a US ZWave 110v Single Pole DOUBLE THROW switch or relay?

Alternatively a multirelay that can be configured to simulate a double throw in hardware.

Those fans don’t work like a pool pump/filter, which has two separate loads which can be switched independently. There’s a third line in to an ECM modulator.

There was a discussion about this last month:


I KNEW you’d know this one but my search-fu was failing this morning. :slight_smile: Thanks @JDRoberts


Nathancu, I just updated my post that was referenced. I have the hardware worked out to control a three speed QuietCool fan I am getting ready to install (actually two of them each with their own controls). You could easily use that setup but with on less SPDT relay. I am waiting on the junction box and a small step down transformer that are supposed to be here today to power the ZooZ multi relay. If it comes I’ll wire it up and post some more pictures in my thread. The piece I need to work out is the virtual dimmer coding. I wanted to get the hardware working first before I moved onto that as I am a hacker at best when it comes to coding. Please check it out and provide any comments/ideas you might have. Thanks

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Good deal. I just referred the OP over to your post. Looks like a pretty cool way to solve it.

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Nathancu I finally got one of the controllers built and am going to try to install the fan tonight or tomorrow night so I’ll post what it looks like fully functional.

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