Control a QuietCool fan using ZFM-80 z-wave relays


I’d like to control a QuietCool ES-3100 2-speed fan using ZFM-80 relays on a SmartThings hub. The fan has separate circuits to control low and high speed. I haven’t found out if powering both circuits at the same time would cause damage to the fan, so I’d like to avoid it. I can either control through scenes or routines that only one or the other is ever on, but this could still go wrong in the transition phase or if there is a transmission error for one of the commands. I also saw for the ZFM-80 relays that they support an external switch contact with configurable logic, so I wonder if you could wire them together so that switching one relay on switches the other off and vice versa, kind of an XOR logic.
Now my questions:

  • Does anybody know what happens to QuietCool fans if both high and low circuits are on at the same time?
  • Is wiring two ZFM-80s together into some sort of XOR logic possible?
    Any other suggestion to achieve this through scenes, routines, or other software logic?


I think what you’re looking for is on-off-on control…see discussion here, I’m not sure if any viable solution was actually found in that case.