Need Something Left Open to SMS to multiple numbers

I’ve set up the Something Left Open SmartApp to text me (SMS) when my garage door is left open for 30 min. But I would like to add a second phone number to send the same message to.

I found in another thread (about sending multiple text messages) some code snippet to accomplish the multiple phone numbers/same text message. But, I’m not a programmer and I haven’t yet programmed any SmartApp myself (although the thought doesn’t scare me).

Is that the best way, or is it even possible, to get what I want accomplished? Is there a means to get the code from the Something Left Open app and modify it for my own means?

Unfortunately the author of “Something Left Open” doesn’t seem to have contact information on the Community (see link below); and I can’t find their code in the SmartThings-Public GitHub (a great place to find SmartApps).

Depending on how complex your requirements actually are, however, this is a relatively simple SmartApp to write if you are interested in learning to write SmartApp(s)! There are probably several existing SmartApps that are similar as starting points, but it does take some time to explore to find one.

I’ve done 1:1 Skype sessions for a few bucks if you want to walk through writing such a SmartApp…

But … a half-dozen folks here will volunteer to write one for you in the next couple of hours…

Many thanks.

I actually was sort of hoping the answer would be as you mentioned. Although not a strong programmer I have done many little apps for my Mac over the years (very simple stuff mind you) but want (and will) delve into learning how to do SmartApps.

Which will serve the alternate use of learning Java since my 9 year old wants to learn how to make Minecraft mods.


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for now you can just add two instances of the app with different numbers


Oooh I love workarounds. Great idea, thanks. It worked!

I still do want to learn how to do SmartApps but many thanks for this interim solution.