Garage Door Monitoring?

Hi! I need some help.
I haven’t learned the programming yet and I’ve searched high and low, but I can not find what I need.
So, I’m asking y’all for help.

This is what I have (equipment):
NuTone Garage Door Controller (It is paired with the hub and works great).

This is what I need (smartapp):
When my garage door has been open for X number of minutes it sends me a text message.
This text message can be repeated X number of times after X number of minutes.

I have already tried the smartapp by rayzurbock : Door left open (with Photo Burst, Hello Home, & Speech).

This app works great, but it doesn’t do quite what I need. And, I’m unable to do the modifications on it at this time.

I need it to do all of the above, but I also need the following added:
If the door is open and it is after sunset then it will send a separate text from the one above every X number of minutes, with a different message.
I also need it to send a text to two separate numbers.

Is this even possible in a smartapp?
Thanks everyone.

I can’t help with the code, but just to clarify, your Nutone device is a relabel of the linear GD00Z series, correct? And you are using the official device type for that? :sunglasses:

Yes, that is correct on both counts.

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I’m not using it, but doesn’t the “left it open” smartapp do something like this?

I believe that essentially the same app.
They work great, but do not do what I need.

Time to start learning the code.

Might not be the best solution, but there is a potential work-around. Install second instance of The Left-it-open smart app and specify the second SMS recipient there. You could also install a separate instance of the smart app to send a different text based on mode (night time mode?)

Have you looked at the “Notify me When” app under Safety & Security. You may need multiple instances, for the different scenarios but it should meet most of your requirements.

The thing is, I do not use modes. That’s why I’m wanting something that triggers an alert at sunset.

I assume by now, you have found another work around, or Rule Machine to do what you wanted here?

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Yes, rule machine did exactly what I needed, thanks

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@bravenel’s Rule Machine is Awesome, right? :slight_smile:


It makes ST what I thought it would be when I jumped on board

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Now, with one rule my garage door is monitored and will send an alert if I’m not home, or my wife isn’t home, or it’s after dark, and the door is left open.

Nice. And if bruce adds the universal timer capability, then you could also get notice when you’re home and the door is left open for X minutes, in case someone just forgets to push the button

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