Need recommendation for wireless door contact sensor that works with ST and eventually with Alexa (Canada)

I used to have the Wyze sensors that connect to the wyze camera. I am simply fed up with them. The battery life was a joke, and although they were very close to the camera, they disconnected often, and when they disconnect I can’t make them reconnect, which is a shame. Wyze support sucks, they tried to troubleshoot without success, and they refuse to replace their defective product in Canada, so I’m stuck.
I have to find something else without having to pay a fortune.
I was looking at Aquara on Amazon, and I didn’t see other choices.
Please any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot

What region are you in? Is it Canada? Can you order from Amazon in the US, or does it need to be from a Canadian retailer? The device selection does vary.

Do you have a smartthings hub, and which if so, which model? This also changes which devices you can use.

The good news is that any door sensor that works with smartthings, whether you have a hub or not, will work with Alexa through the SmartThings integration. :sunglasses:

I’m in Canada, and I can order from Amazon Canada and probably from Amazon US as well I guess
I do have a ST Hub V3, and an Alexa with hub. I would like to buy something what does not require another hub

Sure. There are several good inexpensive Z wave or Zigbee door sensors with are popular and work well. See the following thread:

FAQ: Door sensors? (2021)

You told me that you started to use Aquara, would this be a good choice as a door sensor?

It wouldn’t be my first choice with smartthings. ( I told you I was now using aqara cameras which is a whole different situation.)

Read the FAQ, you will find lots of discussion there. In particular, follow the link to cheap contact sensors and you should be able to find some for under $15 US that will work well. :sunglasses:

Needing cheap contact sensor (2020)

I forgot to mention that pretty much any Zigbee or Z wave sensor should have decent battery life. Zigbee will probably be a little bit better, but not really noticeably so in this kind of device.

I think I’m going to go with the Ring sensor because I can connect it to smartthings, without a Ring alarm. It looks like a decent product and it has good amazon review score