Need new smart lock, got any leads?

Looking for any links to deals on smart locks, zwave or zigbee is fine. I procrastinated on the last one and missed out!

There should be lots of deals around Labor Day, but I don’t know if you want to wait that long.

Ugh, 48 days is too long with home automation… lol


Do you have any specific model or features in mind? Quality and reliability of locks vary a lot between the models. It would be a good idea to do some research into the lock before buying one just based on price. You can get some excellent Yale locks for the price of a Kiwkset, albeit not as good looking but packed with features and quite reliable. Plus some locks models (e.g. 910) don’t have a full keypad and have shared buttons which leads to it’s own issues with duplicate/limited codes.

Take a look at the first post on this topic, it has a table which compares lock features and also links to posts which explained features and limitations of various lock models/brands: [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock Device Handler for Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, IDLock, Popp, Danalock, August Pro, Keywe, Philia, Samsung


Full disclosure… I’m moving my devices over to Hubitat with all this migration to new platform going on here at ST. Last weekends 17+ hour internet outage in my area finally pushed me to get off my butt and move the essential devices. It was painful turning on Hue bulbs that are not connected to switches.

One of my locks is an old Monoprice lock used for the back porch, this is the one I am intending to replace as I’m sure Hubitat doesn’t have a driver for it lol.

If I found a lead on a lock here, my next step would be to check compatibility over on the HE side. I get to play with webcore still and maybe mess with node-red for automation.

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As long as you are using the hue bridge, you should still be able to use its app even if the Internet is out. It works locally as long as it’s on the same Wi-Fi.

You can also set up a Hue dimmer switch to work with hue bulbs even without the Hue Bridge. If you want it to work when the Internet/Wi-Fi is out, then it won’t be visible to smartthings, but it will work is parallel means of control.

Also if you happen to have iOS devices, the hue bulbs Via the Hue bridge will work with HomeKit locally.

Just sayin’ Hue specifically provides a lot of different control methods. :sunglasses::bulb:


Yeah, in my short experience the hue bridge and bulbs were the easiest ones to move over. There’s an HE integration already.

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I switched 80% of my lights that I can’t use smart switches to Hue around 4 years ago after I got home at 1am to a dark house and no lights because the internet was out. Piggy backed all our ST/Iris PIR with a Hue when they were released.

Where did you find a Hubitat hub, or did you have it & are finally setting it up? I’ve been searching for months and have found nothing unless I’m willing to pay twice new retail price for a used one.
I gave up and wasted $50 on a V3 ST to get me by until the new Hubitat comes out.

The new Hubitat C7 hub is out as of 2 days ago. Orders are being shipped now.

I happened to see the availability of the new HE hub while browsing there forum like @jlv mentioned. Instead of upgrading my V1 ST hub, I decided to just go local with HE.

I did get really local as HE shipped the C7 hub from Scottsdale AZ which is about 30 miles from me.

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I just ordered 1 this morning, hopefully it arrives before the Amazon return window for POS new ST hub. $143 with tax and shipping.

Now to make sure I have a copy of all my apps & handlers on GitHub before Samsung starts deleting them.

Really curious about your experience with this. Also looking at local control, tired of the ST lag with my network (unifi) setup.

Not much of a problem with lag,or after so many years I don’t notice ( LOL). I will admit that lately the failures have become a lot more frequent even though everything possible is supposed to be locally executed. My big issue is the announcement that they are eliminating groovy and the IDE & I do have a bunch of custom devices & apps that have been running fine for years.
Things like Netatmo cameras, watercop valves, etc

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To you folks using Hubitat how was it to set up and use? Did you find anything you aren’t able to run? Looking to venture away but also don’t want to make the wrong move. Appreciate the feedback.

Problem is that at this point the only 2 real options are ST & Hubitat. With ST shutting down IDE, Hubitat is left standing alone for the HA " hobbyist" that wants/needs more than just " Alexa turn on the lights". So there really is no other choice to make.

Yeah that’s what I am gathering from the little research I have performed. I’m still on v1 because I didn’t trust the conversion and was too lazy to re-set everything up. Maybe I will take the plunge and learn as I go. I am pretty technically savvy so I should be able to make it work. :thinking:

The devices I’m nervous about are my old GE switches. I’ve had them since the early ST days so I’m not sure if they will behave on the HE side. I plan on spending a couple of hours today moving those switches over then trying to pair my Schlage lock.

Luckily (well maybe not for my retirement plan?!) I moved recently and bought all new leviton switches. So I have schlage locks, MyQ, Hue, water sensors, motion and open/closed. It is a mixture of Iris and ST devices so hopefully they all work…sitting down to do some more research now.

Whoa…no MyQ (no surprise) and no Schlage that is surprising!