Need in-line on/off switch 120v 20A

I’m trying to find an in-line z-wave or z-wave+ on/off switch that is rated for 20 amps to use to switch the circuit on and off for my electric radiant floors.

I was previously using the NuTone NFS20Z, but it has died and I need to put something in its place.

I would prefer something that is actually wired in-line, but a light switch style would also work - I just need one that can handle 20 amps with a resistance load.

Any recommendations?

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Zooz (the house brand for The Smartest House) has a couple of well designed relays which are popular in the community, and they have done an excellent job of keeping up with all the SmartThings architecture changes.

Their newest model uses the zwave 700 chip, for even better range if that matters.

You can contact their tech support if you have any questions. They’re usually very helpful, although I imagine they may be very busy Thanksgiving week.

As far as other brands, I think the Fortrezz Mimo would be overkill for this, and much more expensive.

Nortek makes one sold under several different brand names, including GoControl, Linear, and Nutone, but while not technically discontinued it’s become almost impossible to find in retail channels. And it’s old technology now anyway. It’s probably the one you’re replacing.

So I would look at the Zooz first and see if it would work for you.

Another option would be a WiFi device, the Sonoff Powr3. I know you said zwave, but the thread title doesn’t say that, so I just include this here for others researching the topic.