Need ideas for multi-zone heat pump thermostats

I have a multi-zone heat pump HVAC system. One heat pump, three thermostats. Each thermostat controls dampers for different parts of the house.

Thermostats are Honeywell Vision Pro 8000 Wi-Fi. Honeywell TCC connects to SmartThings. All good. Except…

The thermostats act like they’re controlling 3 independent units. So they can be changed to conflicting settings, like heat in one zone and cool in another.

I need some ideas how I could build something in SmartThings that would let me change heat/cool/off mode on all three thermostats with a single tap.

I’m total noob to SmartThings programming but I’m a retired software developer. Just need a jump start to get going in the right direction.

US or U.K.?

And in either case, The following FAQ should give you a jumpstart (this is a clickable link) :sunglasses:


Hi, there is already a smartapp for that… It’s called ScheduleTstatZones and it’s designed to manage multiple thermostats with the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules…

You elect one thermostat as the master and you can specify all the slave thermostats in your rooms/zones to be controlled…, And you can control each of your zones with virtual zone devices (using a single tap).

I’ve just released a new version:

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details about the features and use cases supported (under the supported features and configuration sections):

P.S. The smartapp has many features and to do something similar with webcore would be impossible (more than 4500 lines of code).


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