Want to change thermostats to different mode

I want to create… something… that will allow me to change the mode on three thermostats with a single action.

My HVAC system is a single heat pump with dampers that control air flow to three zones. Each zone has a Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat. The Honeywell TCC app is linked to SmartThings but I’m not using any SmartApps to control the thermostats.

Each thermostat can independently be set to heat or cool even though the single heat pump can do only one or the other.

When I have to change from heating to cooling and vice versa, I have to tap thru changing the mode in each of the three thermostats using the Honeywell TCC app.

I’d really like to create an automation or scene or something that would let me change the mode on all three thermostats at once.

I really don’t want to give over complete control of the thermostats to a cloud-based app of any kind. Not yet, anyway. Just a way to keep the three thermostats in the same mode and easily change which mode.

You can do it with webCore. Create a virtual switch to trigger the piston. Here are the commands exposed to webCore:

webCore is a cloud function, but this isn’t complete control, depending on your definition.

I don’t want anything tweaking the temperature setpoints automatically. I get why some folks like that but I’m happy with the programs on the thermostats.

Thanks. Haven’t embraced WebCoRE yet but this might push me to it. :grinning:

Ok, but it wouldn’t be automatically. You would define a virtual switch that you would use to tell webCore make the mode changes. Nothing would happen unless you turn on the switch. That would cause webCore to change the Modes.

Got it, thanks!

I needed a shove in the right direction! :grinning: