Need HVAC Control

I think this is doable, but I need your help SmartThings community!

I simply want to have a logic statement “If thermostat Fan set to On (not auto), Turn off thermostat Off (no heat or AC).”

I am on v2 Hub using a CT100 Thermostat.

Get a zwave alarm (the one with strobe) and create a SmartApp that will set it off if the temp is cranked up to a certain level.

In all seriousness, you might be able to use SmartRules from @obycode (if you have an iOS device) to put something together.


Damn, I was wrong. The app doesn’t have thermostats in there yet. I thought I remember them saying that they might be added in the future. Great app, though, even if it doesn’t work in this particular situation.

Bet bet, some kind soul on the board here could code something quickly that if the temp is raised X degrees then do Y.

I agree, use an Alarm to set off things, that would set her straight! If you just create and setup a rule to keep turning it off over and over… she’s just going to keep changing the control and create a flood of off-on events on your hub…

Giving someone 100+ decibels of sound, after you warned them not to do what they’re going to do… would help i would think. I would also think you just want to get notifications when she does this.


Be prepared for 100db of lip when you get home, though.

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“Crazy Person” in the title of this topic means… they may already be giving that 100+ decibels of lip anyways… Fight Crazy with Crazy!

Ask the wife for a Siren for a stocking stuffer!


I have something on my V1 that shuts off the HVAC automatically if a window/door is open for a certain period of time.

For me, it is so I can just swing open the sliding glass door on a nice day & be lazy…

Marketplace, Smartapps, climate control, thermostat mode director.

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Oh yeah good point, I definitely would like to get an alert as well!

Check out Rule Machine (with Triggers). It’s a great rule engine that allows you to create all kinds of outcomes based on conditions you define. You could come up with a number of different ways to manage the insanity using this SmartApp.


Get an Ecobee3 and lock her out of the controls


thermostat director directly supports turning the furnace off when the windows are open, also manages the operating state with an external sensor.
I’d just put contact sensors on all the windows and use thermostat director to shut -er down.
Get your whole house fan connected as well, then you can manage that puppy too.
Then use rule machine to reset the thermostat set point when it goes over x…

I’ve searched high and low but cannot find a custom app that can do this. This is the FAN on the thermostat I need to control so I imagine it shouldn’t be too tricky?

How can I write a simple rule for this? Tried Rule Machine but not option for Fan State.

I’ll pay!

I figured it out the old fashioned way. I disconnected the G wire which controls the fan manually. I do not need any manual control of the fan and this way it only turns on with heat or cool appropriately!