How to Set Thermostat Based on Both Switch and Sensor

I am trying to change a thermostat’s set points if a door sensor is closed and a switch is on. If the switch is off when the door is closed, the set points are unchanged. I am trying to reset the temperature in a room when it is occupied (switch On) and the door is left open but is set to its normal values when occupied and the door is closed. Can I do this without having to write a custom app?

This is pretty unique and will require a custom smartapp

The Smart App - Rule Machine that was created by Bruce Ravenel here

has just been updated to include Thermostat Set points. Its a logic state app that allows one to create rules , conditions, and actions to be performed.

Check it out. Its Fire!

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Or Rule Machine! Rule Machine supports thermostat control, and can easily do this automation!


Sure does! Also custom :stuck_out_tongue:

No stock ST app provides this.

But it should be stock ST App! :smiley:

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Understatement of the week!! :grinning:


Rule Machine looks awesome!:+1: I checking it out and will report my results. Thanks for the info.

I set up my condition in Rule Machine, and it did everything that I wanted. Thanks for the help.


I am attempting to adjust my thermostat based on whether my fireplace is running, using your excellent Rule Machine. The trigger is a temperature sensor. The action I am trying to achieve is setting the HVAC fan to “On” instead of “Auto”, but it doesn’t seem to get the command.

I know the trigger is working because I have it sending me a push notification as well each time it is triggered. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

I am using a CT100 Thermostat and have tried both the original device type and the “my custom CT 100” device type from “Lgkahn”.

Not a clue. I know that I can flip my thermostat from FanAuto to FanOn and back to FanAuto from Rule Machine, but it’s not a CT100.

Ok. Thanks for the response. I will try to find another solution.