Need help with working CT100 thermostat code with battery and humidity

Glad you got it working, I’m sure that was frustrating. I have the ct101 which is probably the same, just Lowes brand, and I have not had these issues. I’m not sure who’s device type I am using but was going to post it in the morning.
Glad all is good!

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I’m about to purchas a CT100 thermostat for my house. Would you still suggest them or recommend something different? Also if you u do recommend what code/program should I use to manage?

Thanks in advance!!

I use 2 CT100’s for heating and have no complaints. If you are into Zwave, it is a decent one. Works without common with 4 AA batteries and if you have the luxury of a common, you now have a Zwave repeater.

My personal favorite for AC is Ecobee3 (wifi) along with the remote sensors as I live in an old split level house. The remote sensors helps me a lot to control my set point as the temp in my house varies a lot coz of the different floors. The second/top floor is always hot while the lower floor is always comfy. The remote sensors help a lot.

Could you use remote sensors with the ct100 through zwave?

Nope. Ecobee3 is wifi and the remote sensors only talk to Ecobee. They are completely different protocols. @yvesracine has some fantastic work done on the ecobees. The newer model is homekit enabled :wink: I am not sure what benefit you will reap out out of it as mine is not. They sell by the same model name.

So my motion sensors with temperature couldn’t interface with the thermostat?

@yvesracine has some app which can make use of other sensors for ecobees. And I am sure there is some app for CT100’s which may let you do that. Do some research. But definitely custom SmartApp will be required. And I am sure more than one app already exists for this purpose.

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You can use the app Keep Me Cozy II to set your thermostat based on a reading from another sensor such as your motion sensor with temperature.

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Is there a way to make CT100 report humidity every hour or so? Mine has been at 35% for weeks. When I hit refresh in app, then it jumped to 65%