Need help with Office Project with multiple locations

So I’m new to SmartThings and I have been tasked with somewhat of a strange project. My office has multiple floors and multiple remote sites. They want me to have a 6FT inflatable man be triggered (turned on) for 30 seconds to 1 minute simultaneously at all the sites/floors and also trigger one song to play. This would happen every time we closed a deal. I’m thinking I could send a trigger from salesforce using IFTTT to turn on the Samsung smartplug and also use a smart speaker to play one song from a playlist. Do you guys have any ideas how I should start and what products I would need? Mainly I’m wondering which smartplug and which smart speaker to get that would allow me to trigger them all at the same time for a certain duration. Thanks for any help you can provide!

If that’s all you want to have done, it seems kind of silly to buy a ST hub for all 6 locations and possibly a bunch of repeaters for your main office. You could probably trigger this through a WiFi enabled plug a lot simpler than with ST. Less architecture too.

Have any suggestions on which outlets to get?

There are 1,001 options now out there. It all depends on where you are located too (US or UK).

Thanks. I’m in the US but just want to make sure the plug i get works with IFTTT and i’m such a newbie.

DLink and WeMo have some that work directly with IFTTT.

Here is the quick link to all of the services that are currently compatible with IFTTT.

They can be found under the Power Monitoring and Management section.