Multiple Locations, Hubs, Alexa and More

Hello everyone, I posted this yesterday in a very old thread, but thought this might be a better place.

Here is my situation…
I’ve had ST hub at home for a couple of years with tons of integration including Alexa. Love it.

I am opening a new store across town and just bought another ST hub, ST goodies, Echo dots, etc.

I am going to be the only one monitoring both locations. I would like to quickly switch back and forth to monitor and get text alerts for both locations. I am willing to put 2nd ST hub on another email account, and also the new location to separate Amazon account.

Biggest question. Can I see whats happening in both locations and get text alerts for ST activity. And have both locations control their respective location based devices using Alexa?

I understand the precious thread, but I’m confused since everyone has other family members involved, and in my case its just me, and the worker bees at new location don’t need to get alerts etc, just be able to tell Alexa to turn off a light.

Thanks so much in advance. I’m curious to see some creative solutions or further solutions since this thread.

I am also willing to buy and install action tiles if this helps with monitoring doors open, cameras etc in both locations :slight_smile:

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For the house, setup and connected echos with hub1@gmail. For the office do and echos with hub2@gmail. Those would each be the master email/login for the respective hubs. Then setup a 3rd smartthings account email3@gmail and invite that email to both hubs. Then with app you can log in to email3 and have access to both hubs from same account without having to switch accounts, and echos will work where they are supposed to.


Careful configuration of multiple Accounts in the SmartThings App per @TexAMR is a good start. The SmartThings App cannot combine Things or Favorites from multiple Locations on the same screen however (you have to use the Location selection pulldown to select the “active” Location to be viewing / controlling).

ActionTiles is a great tool for multi-hub or multi-account management, because it lets you mix and match Thing Tiles from any number of Accounts/Locations on any number of Panels. You can securely share at the granularity of any Panel to any ActionTiles Account. And you can add PIN Protection to specific sensitive Tiles including Smart Home Monitor Tile.


You guys are my heroes! Thank you :smile:

I never would have thought to create the magic 3rd account.

I still have the original tiles working at home, I think I need to upgrade to ActionTiles :slight_smile:

This is why I love this community, you guys are the best.


Hey guys! This solution is working great so far :slight_smile:

Quick question, why wouldn’t my routines trigger anymore with any of my presence devices that have been working for a year on the initial account?

Maybe because I’m now logged into my 3rd mission control account on iPhone that was granted acces from the other 2 accounts?

This did not work for me. Same issue. Only 1 locations devices are discovered by Alexa.