2 hubs in different locations; event in 1 location triggering light in 2nd

(Mike) #1

I have 2 hubs in 2 different locations. I would like to have an event in 1 location trigger a light or siren in the 2nd location. I have both hubs and locations showing on my app, but I haven’t seen any way to have a water leak in 1 location trigger a switch in the 2nd location.

Is this possible? How?



It’s not possible directly. Each location can only manage its own devices.

It is possible using IFTTT as a middleman. Have the first location send a text with a hashtag to IFTTT, and have that trigger something happening at the second location.

(Mike) #3

Thanks. It looks like even and non-coder like me can learn to use IFTTT.


IFTTT is intentionally kept very simple. But powerful.

You will create a recipe so

IF SMS (text received at your IFTTT number)

THEN SmartThings (choose the device you want)

There can be a delay of up to about 15 minutes, but it’s usually faster than that for an incoming text. The only one I found it’s really slow is processing an incoming email. The typical IFTTT delay at my house is eight seconds. But it does vary.

This is a good IFTTT tutorial:

(fightingmajor) #5

I find it easier to just set it up to send a text to my phone from the second location. You should give the number that texts come from Smartthings a different ringtone. This is what I do to let me know something is going on at my second location.