Need help with Harmony hub assigned to Echosistant profile

Could use some help figuring this out. I’m trying to use Echosistant with my Harmony hub. I only have one hub currently, but plan on having more in the future, so I’m trying to get it working via profiles. I’ve created a profile for my game room and assigned the hub to it. When I put in a test command via the Amazon skill tester, I see this in my SmartThings live logs:

9:26:14 AM: warn starting activity id = null, command = startActivity, lastActivity TV [Harmony Activity]

9:26:14 AM: debug received a control command: startActivity, deviceType: tv

9:26:14 AM: debug sendNotificationEvent sent to CoRE from GameRoom

9:26:14 AM: debug Message received from Parent with: (tts) = 'turn on the gameroom tv', (intent) = 'GameRoom', (childName) = 'GameRoom', current app version: R.0.3.4

9:26:14 AM: warn Delete messages = null

And then this:

9:26:35 AM: error Harmony - response has error: Failed to complete. Message was: Read timeout to of 20000 ms

9:26:16 AM: debug getChildDevices(false), children=2

It’s only when Echosistant tries to do something with the Harmony hub that it fails. If I make a test piston in WebCoRE and send commands, it works. And if I manually control the hub via the SmartThings app it also works. I removed the hub and any activities from all automations, then removed the hub from SmartThings, and then added it back. No change.

Any idea what’s going on here?

@bamarayne @SBDOBRESCU

Some more info here. When I try and control the Harmony hub via the main intent, it appears to be sending a security command.

And when sending commands to my game room profile, turning the TV off works. It’s just turning it on where I get the read timeout.

29 PM

14 PM

Is it possible I don’t have something configured properly? Any help is appreciated.

I just got home to see this. Gonna do some testing and see if I can figure out what’s going on.