Greenhouse Multi Sensor SmartApp or Device Handler?

I’m starting a greenhouse (for vegetables, I know what you were thinking) and have been using a multi sensor to monitor temperature and humidity. I was wondering if anyone had created a smartapp or device handler that was made specifically for this application. I’d like alerts when temperature drops close to freezing or above a certain temperature. Same for humidity, and maybe some measure of light too. Then some some switch integration to power a heater, exhaust, grow lamp to supplement sunlight, etc.

Anything like this in existence?


I should think you don’t need anything that doesn’t already exist. There are Smart Heating, Smart Cooling, Smart Humidifier and Smart Dehumidifier apps all over the Community - some are already in the SmartApp Marketplace.

They all basically monitor temp/humidy, and then turn on/off a switch when limits are exceeded. The switch generally controls on/off for a heat/cool and/or de/humidifier.

The only issue you may have is that many greenhouse systems are 240V, not 120V.

And then, you have to consider that SmartThings isn’t 100% reliable - just as you wouldn’t use SmartThings as a security system (by itself), you might want to use products designed for greenhouse control instead of risking a freeze killing your produce.My dad had a greenhouse dedicated to orchids in north florida, where it could easily get too hot for the plants, and I know I would never have suggested using SmartThings instead of the (redundant) swamp cooler control system that he had installed…


Thanks, good info. This is a small waist high greenhouse attached to the house, so not too big or complicated. Basic functions should work fine with a couple switches on an extension cord.