Need help with a switch

Hi, so I have a few sengled bulbs and some outlet controllers that I have lamps plugged into. Everything is working just fine. My wife has requested switches for the walls. We rent, so I’m not looking to cut into the walls or replace actual switches. I’m hoping to find a switch that I can set to turn on/off a set bulb or outlet controller. But I’d also like it to have it work seamlessly with the app. ( currently, if I turn the switch off for the front porch light, the sengled bulb won’t work until I flip the switch again) if possible I’d like to have something that works the opposite. Thanks!

There are lots of choices for these. See the following FAQ (the thread title says Hue, but it applies to any smart bulbs)

The good news is that any switch or button that works be smartthings can be used to control the bulb but without actually cutting the current to it. The switch sends a message to the hub and the hub sends a message to the bulb. And there are quite a few device options to choose from. :sunglasses: See the following thread for a list of possible devices: