Issues with creating an automation with Sengled Automation

Hi, this is my first post very new to SmartThings and automation,
I currently have 4 sengled bulbs controlled by a three way switch a switch down the stairs and two on top of the stairs. My three year old gets up usually early morning 3am-4am and runs to our room . I want these bulbs to go on every time she walks the hallway between our bedrooms. So I added a GE MOTION SENSOR and created the attached automation but this doesn’t work, is it because of one of the three ways are off if yes how do I bypass this.

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Welcome to SmartThings!

If the physical power has been turned off to the Sengled bulbs, there is now way to bypass it. The power to Smart Bulbs must be left on at all times for them to reliably respond to commands from the hub.

Most users who run into this issue end up replacing the in-wall light switches with smart switches. This allows the bulbs to just be simple ‘dumb’ LED bulbs. This way, the bulbs can always be controlled either manually at the switch, or via the hub.


The other alternative if for some reason you really want smart bulbs, is to use a smart switch which will not cut power to the smart bulbs.

There are three different kinds of these.

  1. put a child lock on the existing switch and then add a battery operated smart switch on the wall next to it to operate the lights. There are many different options for these devices.

  2. replace the dumb switch with a smart switch which is specifically designed to leave current to the bulbs at all times and control them by sending a message to the hub which then send a message to the bulbs

  3. get a smart switch cover which fits over the top of the existing dumb switch. This device will let you operate the bulbs but prevents power being cut off to them.

You can read more about these choices in the following community FAQ

FAQ: Looking at a good Wall Switch for my Hue Bulbs (2020 Short FAQ) ( also applies to other brands of smart bulbs)

Any of these can be a good choice, it just depends on the details of what you want to do.

People often want to keep smart bulbs for one of two reasons: they want the color changing capability or they want to divide the area into zones even though it is all on the same circuit.

Or, as @ogiewon mentioned, you can get rid of the smart bulbs and substitute a smart switch.


@ogiewon @JDRoberts Thanks guys
So do I need to replace all 3 of these switches with a smart or one will do. Also, I know TP link has a 3 way switch will replacing one or all 3 of them using this will work?

I would rather keep the sengled bulbs where they are instead and have smart switches around them it might be an overkill but as long as it eliminates.

I am thinking about trying something else, using a Samsung button to turn the switch on and off, while the 3 switches are always kept on. The wifey just needs to get used to it. Overkill?