Need Help With 45857GE Dimmer *lights humming*

ST- I just got done installing the 45857GE ZigBee dimmer switch and it is causing significant humming in the lights at all dimming levels. They are currently connected to 4 overhead LED can lights (Model # RL560WH6930) The label states both EATON and Cooper lighting. The lights and switch are all installed professionally and with a neutral wire going to the dimmer. Any advice? My first reaction is the dimmer is not compatible with the lights, but I cannot find a current “approved lighting” list anywhere and GE/Jasco’s CS was of no help.

Should I change to a different dimmer? Any and all recommendations welcome.


I wouldn’t swap out the dimmer just yet.

First thing I’d change is the LED lights.

Take out all 4 bulbs and put 1 back in. If it still hums, try a different brand LED. You can probably find some recommendations on LED bulbs here:

Brian- Thanks for the quick reply. Tried pulling 3 of the lights and still getting a loud hum. These are not just bulb’s, but recessed retrofit lights with baffle and trip. It would be cheaper to try a different dimmer than to switch out all of the lights. Any other suggestions?


Ryan, not all led bulbs support dimming. If the bulbs don’t explicitly state that they support dimming, then they probably don’t and thus the buzzing. If your going to replace the switch, replace it with a non dimming model.