Need help tracking down a RULE - PLEASE HELP

I created a rule using the SMARTTHINGS RULE MANAGER via Glitch.Me.
Since then, I can’t really use the online app because the location ID remains null when entering in my token.

Using PostMan - I only get a return of “{}” when I post a command to get the list of rules, assuming this is normal when NO rules are present.

Trying to track down any info on the rule elsewhere, I am trying to use live logging but nothing is showing up (other than the motion sensor detecting motion - which ultimately triggers an ON and timed off event for a lamp)

Any help on how the rules manager creates their rules, delete them, or to trouble shoot what is being requested for me to then track down removing the rule?!?


Update: Oddly enough the Mobile app history catches the rule by name. Please see screen shot… thoughts how to find out the rule ID or other measures to kill it?

Hi there! I just checked the Rules Manager and it works fine.

Did you passed the authorization step?

The lack of authorization could cause the location list to be empty. Try to delete your browser cache and open the Rules Manager again.

In this request, to find the rules created by this tool, you need to use the token granted by it.

THANK YOU so much for your reply. Indeed it seemed to be a cache problem. I used another browser and the location ID was populated and I was able to see and delete the rule from the Rules Manager.

I need to track down the token I used in Postman but assumed I was using a different one from what I created the rule originally in with Rules Manager.

THANK YOU so much for your help!

Anytime! :smiley:

Just to clarify, it doesn’t need to be the same token used to create the rule, it only has to come from the Rules Manager (it has an expiration time of 24 hrs).

Ah! That makes sense. I must had forgotten it created one and due the cache problem, i kept trying to plug in my own Tokens.

THANKS for the clarification!

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